Why choose SquadK?.

SquadK is a team of indigenous experts coming together from different fields but having influencer marketing as their cornerstone. The team is headed by its Founder Miss Krina Gindra, who herself is a self-made blogger, influencer, marketer and has immense experience in Public Relations. She believes in synergic inter-connectivity of social media with consumer and brand itself.

SquadK is rapidly growing platform allowing influencer and marketer to discover each other. SquadK is dedicated to bridge the communication gap and to present a win-win opportunity for brands as well as the influencer.

SquadK is a student start-up firm and budgeting issues faced by brands led to its formation in the first place. We have a firm and enriched network of 5000+ content creators, offering you numerous choices to pick from.


Services We Offer.

• Instagram Marketing
• Facebook Marketing
• Twitter Promotions
• TIKTOK Promotions
• Content Writing

360º Influencer Marketing.

At SquadK, we hold a vast and diverse database of influencers, across channels and categories. We have run extensive campaigns across brands and subject matter fostering strong relationships with key influencers.

Online Reputation Management.

In an era where the competition is tense, small businesses can garner huge profits by managing their online reviews. It is one of the preeminent ways to distinguish your enterprise and elevate your visibility in the search results.

Online PR.

The amount of prestige that any brand carries in the market directly affects its customers and productivity. In addition, even Google positions your business as per the evaluations that your clients have about you.

 How do we do it?


“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe” ~ Abraham Lincoln

As we are a dedicated, hard-working team of enthusiasts, constituting experts from each and every field related to marketing, their years of self-learned knowledge and experience are our USP. They are ready to brainstorm, to prepare a customized ‘Strategy Bundle’ for you. A Strategy Bundle offers you multiple flowcharts to follow and helps you decide what works best for you.


“Actions speak louder than words”

Just sit back and relax, let our strategy bundle work for you.
Working on the selected blueprint, we launch a promotional campaign for your business, receive applications & quotes from influencers, finalize influencers & initiate engagement.


‘You’re the boss!’

We track live engagement, actions and conversion of the selected audience into customers of your digital property. You get real-time updates on the performance of your campaign and have an insightful control of future proceedings.

Come, be a part of India’s driving Influencer marketing system, interfacing Influencers with quality brands. Join Influencers who make rousing content and commitment that reflects. Dive in our seamlessly developing network and add a voice to your brand, today!